Idea-Driven Marketing Strategist with a Passion for Building Integrated Campaigns


Hello, my name is Angad (ung-ghed). I’m an idea-driven marketing strategist with 14+ years of experience in integrated marketing communications, marketing both consumer and commercial brands. I’m a big picture thinker with the expertise to bring marketing campaigns to life from concept to execution, driving profit and growth. I have strong experience in market message development, branding, partner marketing, content creation, digital marketing, graphic design, with the ability to ideate, write, and produce materials from scratch with limited resources, budgets, and short timelines.


Over the past 9 years, I’ve combined my passion for tech with my professional career by working for the leading Technology and Electronics companies based in Silicon Valley, Beijing, and Hong Kong. Some of the companies I’ve worked for include Cisco, Lenovo, NVIDIA, and a subsidiary of TPV Technology. Plus, I’ve partnered with companies like Google, Microsoft, and Philips to bring co-branded products to life.

With over 40 product launches under my belt, I’m a master at go-to-market launch, with successful launches for products like Lenovo Chromebooks and Philips Commercial Displays. I also have a strong passion for events and experiential marketing. As a seasoned marketer, I’ve had the opportunity to plan, produce and market technology-focused brands at conferences, industry trade shows, and press events. Notable events include NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference and the ASU GSV Summit.

Presently, I’m working at Cisco as a Global Integrated Launch Manager supporting monthly product launches for Webex. I also provide consulting services for emerging companies and startups looking to innovate and grow in the tech space. If you are interested in working together, please contact me below. 


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